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    Mirnah offers world class solutions in Route Accounting, Retail, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking and Supply Chain Management, driven by our expertise and partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies.

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    Top Software Solutions

    RoutePro Software

    An Enterprise software system that captures, records, and costs sales transactions for distributors with mobile warehouses, usually trucks, operating as direct store distributors, van sales, pre-sell, delivery confirmation.

    eCommerce Software

    Cloud & Mobile based eCommerce Platform for collaboration between Manufacturers and Retailers

    Demand Planning Software
    Demand Planning

    Enterprise software that enables Sales & Production teams to develop demand forecasts as input to production, Inventory and Supply chain planning.

    Asset Tracking Software
    Asset Tracking

    Cloud & Mobile based Software for tracking physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using tags using GPS, BLE or RFID which broadcast their location.

    Business Intelligence Software
    Business Intelligence

    Software for the data analysis of business information. To provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations.

    StockPro Software

    A Cloud & Mobile based platform for all your Inventory Management Business Requirements. It allows you monitor, track and manage stock across various locations of the organization on real time.

    Clients Feedback


    Mirnah has been our DSD software vendor for more than 15 years now. We have worked with them beyond DSD in automating our Bakery Manufacturing and Point of Sale Systems. They are a team of talented professionals.

    KIRAN ARYA / Switz Bakery

    It’s my pleasure to announce that RoutePro sales system in KSA was implemented & went Live within 3 weeks of placing the order with Mirnah. This is the first time this happened in BAT. A big THANK YOU AND APPRECIATION for the Mirnah team who made this project a success. We made it!


    We really enjoyed working with Mirnah and Intermec on this project. The solution has greatly improved our processes, and quicker delivery time and sales, and the teams involved in the project were a pleasure to work with.

    ANAS TARABEN / Dubai Refreshments

    Mirnah provides a easy to use and feature rich route accounting and Van Sales software. I can easily ensure accountability and success of my route sales drivers, techs, customer service, sales, inventory operations and most importantly….our customers. After having used several DSD Software Systems over 20 years, Mirnah is a great partner for my sales distribution business for years to come.


    I first implemented Mirnah’s DSD software for my dairy business about 18 years ago. This year i have selected their Android based software and this is the 3rd version of their software running in our company. It has exceeded all expectations. I have complete control of inventory, cash, and receivables. My delivery drivers, merchandisers, and sales team are performing their jobs more efficiently thanks to Mirnah.

    SHAH JEHAN / Nada

    Such SFA projects are not easy to implement. To convince the users, you need to tell the advantages and disadvantages of the new system. For them any change in the normal method of working is difficult to accept. Since we have many branches across the kingdom, getting people into place and training them was a huge task. The Ajlan and Mirnah Project team has done a great job in managing this project.

    RAVI KUMAR / Ajlan & Bros

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