Promising Technologies that can drive brand growth

Technologies Drive Brand Growth

Technological trends are acting as a catalyst for skyrocketing enterprise growth, and the Middle East is no exception. Businesses in destinations like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain are upgrading their technological prowess to meet and exceed industry demands. Enterprise-level software like SAP, Oracle, Dynamics ERP and Salesforce are aiding businesses to streamline business operations and drive maximum efficiency with minimum efforts.

Just like these technological marvels, several other technologies can be deployed to steer businesses towards exponential growth. Want to drive better momentum for your operations and steer your business to success? Let’s dive into five top technological trends for driving holistic growth.

Technology for Voice Picking: The voice-picking method is useful for voice-activated warehousing. Helpful technology includes Honeywell VoCollect. Workers in the warehouse can ergonomically utilise the technology to perform hands-free scanning, and this can help them to speed up warehouse tasks while increasing productivity.

Warehouse management system: This is another must have software for helping businesses to streamline their operation. In the ecommerce warehouse management system, centralized software is used to map and navigate the different aspects of a warehouse infrastructure. It can aid businesses to keep a track of their inventory and keep everything under control. Ranging from managing the inventory stocking items to tracking valuable metrics and letting you know about the procurement plans, this software can be your one-stop solution to handle a warehouse seamlessly.

Smart shelves that are IoT-enabled: Retailers can assist themselves prevent out-of-stock situations by using technologies like IMCO’s Smartshelf. It can help in mapping shelf stock and provides insightful data. These internet-connected shelves are connected to the internet to produce data-driven operational action points for managers to deal with.

Fixed Asset Field Service: If you are constantly witnessing operational gaps due to the frequent movement and intricate field-based concerns, then fixed assets in field service can come to your rescue. With an automated system for tracking and managing business assets, this technology can help your business to achieve the best results with logistical excellence.

Handheld printers and computers: Because they offer real-time visibility and fast verification, handheld computers and printers are great for warehouse applications. Using handheld computers like the Honeywell EDA51 or Zebra TC26, warehouse workers may expedite their daily operations and increase production. Check out the various models of portable PCs and printers. Models made by Honeywell include CT60, 6824, and EDA51. Among the Zebra models are the TC57, MC3300, and ZQ520.

The bottom line

In addition to all these technologies, businesses can also deploy systems for asset tracking. Maintaining operational excellence requires tracking physical assets regularly. Your company can scan and monitor tangible assets with the aid of asset tracking technologies. All the physical assets that are important to the business can have trackable records made by scanning labels and barcodes.

Starting from Honeywell to Zebra to Datalogic to Urovo, there are many promising technologies to revolutionize your business growth. Want the best for your firm? Reach out to a leading mobile and cloud software solution company now!

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