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If you’re looking to deliver value to customers, deploying cutting-edge technology is imperative. In today’s dynamic business environment, technology rules the game. If your business is well-versed with cutting-edge technological systems, then you can generate and maximise your efficiency with minimal effort.

E-commerce is a vibrant space in today’s business world. If you happen to be a marketplace owner, e-commerce warehouse management and inventory control online store systems are just what you need. Using a locally developed eCommerce solution for your business will help you maximise process efficiency and create the necessary push you need for your business to stand out. Let us look at the various technologies available and the purpose each one serves.

Honeywell Vocollect

A perfect system allowing you to implement voice-enabled warehouse operations capable of achieving high levels of productivity. Implementing this system into your warehouse, will allow you to maximise productivity. It also helps you offer customers and partners tools to integrate the existing structure. It is also useful to manage your Fixed Assets and Field Service operations.

Data Collection using Honeywell Hand Held Computers – EDA51

The elementary features of Honeywell EDA51 are:

  • A hands-free scanning interface, allowing for seamless operations and powered through QR code scanning.
  • Touchconnect options offer seamless pairing to enhance business collaboration.
  • Efficient scanning allows ease of access and management through the entire system prospect.
  • Completely web-managed for quick integration and deployment purposes.
  • A compact and ergonomic system that’s easy to use for all workers.
  • Multi-software compatibility allows constant device upgrades.


Wiseshelf allows your business’ retail space to become a part of the IoT revolution. Once you deploy this software into your business’ retail space, you can effectively increase customer satisfaction, revenue, and manpower cost savings.

The features of this leading software are:

  • Real-time alerts offer bespoke convenience to your customers
  • Smart on-shelf appliances that help catalogue and manage inventory seamlessly for your store
  • State of the art analytics and insights to help you note patterns and trends for business ROI maximisation
  • On-shelf position control enables better business calibration and integration for quick POS accountability.

Thus, if you’re looking to upscale your business today, Mirnah’s Supply Chain software will help you get ahead. Check out Mirnah’s bespoke SAP Oracle Dynamics ERP Salesforce integrated software systems and scale your business promptly. The company is a leading provider of ERP and software solutions and can help your business achieve its dream of seamless integration and process efficiency. Head to their website and deploy a stunning software solution to help your business grow today!


1. Is Supply Chain software a necessity for my Organisation?

Yes, Supply Chain Software integrated with ERP systems are extremely important for your business and will help you integrate your efforts and generate better ROI.

2. Can Sales Force Software help my business grow its sales?

With proper customer experience enhancement processes implemented, you can divert your manpower requirements to other business areas. This process will help you cut costs and maximise your business’ productivity at a go.

3. Is it worth the cost?

Sales Force and Supply Chain Software integrated with ERP are a one-time investment and can help you reduce costs in the long run. Thus, we recommend them.

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