Unleashing Business Intelligence in 2022

Business Intelligence

In 2022, a lot has changed in the enterprise landscape. After the gruesome years of the pandemic, business intelligence is the only way for enterprises to stay afloat in the data-driven industry. BI has become a key component for businesses in the drive to be effective, agile, and competitive. As businesses grow, it becomes exhausting to harness data for driving business decision-making. The biased reporting structures and siloing effect across enterprises create circumstances where the key decision-makers have to focus solely on correct data. That’s when Qlik and Power BI (Business Intelligence) comes to the rescue.

Wondering Why? Let’s delve into the reasons to find out!

  • Power BI can equip enterprises with AI capabilities
  • It can offer business intelligence that can bring data to life
  • As compared to other data intelligence models, power Bi is secure, and it connects to many data sources 

A more intelligent solution

Just like Van Sales or Merchandising or Modern trade software, Power BI is a step ahead for enterprises in the conventional data-driven ecosystems. The cloud-based too requires no infrastructure support regardless of the business size. In addition, the modern iteration of the tool is free from legacy software constraints. Your team won’t need any specific support or training to generate business intelligence insights, and typical of all cloud services, implementation of Qlik Power BI is rapid and trouble-free.

Loaded with features

Power BI is rich in features with brilliant usability and complete compatibility. The technology embedded in Power BI is designed to create intelligent visualizations based on business data, that can support you in the decision-making process. You can create graphical data visualizations in both collaborative and independent environments that are sharable.

With Power BI, you can embed BI and analytics with ease, enabling your workforce to create geo-map visualizations and interactive reports. Backed up by clear business environment integrations, Power BI can also enable your users to produce reliable reports and analyses via reports, dashboards, and datasets that are customized as per your individual business needs.

Thinking ahead of time

Gone are the days when sticking with the traditional work ecosystems could suffice the need of organizations. Now, enterprises are leveraging the power of data to stay relevant, understand buyer behavior and create custom pitches.


1. What technologies can I pick to upgrade my enterprise operation framework?

Businesses are integrating Mirnah’s IFADA or Magento to Power BI and unleashing the potential of many result-oriented solutions. These software along with barcode hardware form Zebra or Urovo like Rt40, DT50, DT40, and RFID barcode printer scanners users are able to think beyond the boundaries of conventional operations.

2. Is Power BI simple or complex?

The drag-and-drop functionality helps you to generate reports swiftly. Power Bi uses natural language queries that prevent complexity and enhance your ability to self-service. In addition, the BI solution is empowered to run through remote apps on a wide array of internet platforms and devices. You can benefit from the advanced accessibility feature and ensure that your employees’ learning is succinct and fast.

3. Can Power BI accommodate my changing enterprise requirements?

Power BI undergoes constant improvements, and it accommodates apps that are an excellent means of sharing content.

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