Drive Sales and Best Practices in the Store

Drive Sales
Tight margins, relentless competition, demanding customers and inconsistent in-store execution while managing an ever expanding, complex product line – sound familiar? Your field sales and merchandising operations are critical as you deal with never ending pressure on all fronts. With over three decades of field sales and merchandising solutions leadership, Mirnah is uniquely qualified to address your needs.


Better Tools to Increase Sales

Having the right selection of pricing, promotions and products to choose from are critical to maximizing your sales and margins and minimizing returns. Intermec’s advanced mobile computers have multi-core processing power to serve up large, complex product, pricing and history files fast. Your sales reps won’t lose time waiting for the recommendations and information that they need to present and close business.

Real-time information access while in the store drives incremental sales. With Mirnah’s RoutePro Software your sales reps have on-site access to your systems and the latest pricing and product availability data they need to get that tough sale, and before your competition.

Best Practice In-Store Execution

Out-of-stocks, incomplete or missing displays, incorrect pricing and inaccurate signage are common in the industry and result in lost sales, wasted promotion investments, and unhappy consumers and retailers.

Mobile computers with integrated cameras, time stamps and GPS can validate that displays are built, selling areas are restocked, and product is priced correctly and properly merchandised. And you can verify that key activities, such as creating sales orders and completing surveys, are actually done in the correct store and that all stops are actually serviced.

Proven, Comprehensive Solutions from Intermec

Mirnah’s integrated solution components – mobile computers, printers, RFID, voice, advanced imaging and software components, together with our complete life-cycle services – delivers the optimal set of solution options to address your specific needs. Intermec is unique in providing a complete outsourced life cycle services solution through its Enterprise Mobile subsidiary, with well over 200,000 devices under contract.

If driving your operations to increased revenue and margins, better in-store execution, and stronger loyalty are important to you, Mirnah’s proven field sales and merchandising workflow solutions and complete life-cycle services deliver reliability, strong ROI, low TCO and mission-critical performance improvements every day, across six continents.

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