Drive Sales, Overcome Challenges and Cut Costs

Store Challenges

It’s more imperative than ever to maximize your direct store delivery operations as you deal with increasing pressure from competitors, retailers and consumers. With over three decades of DSD solutions leadership, Intermec is uniquely qualified to address your needs with the full breadth of purpose-built mobile computing hardware, specific value-added software and a complete set of life cycle services.
Increase Sales and In-Store Execution
Your sales reps and delivery drivers are tasked with increasing sales, meeting your customers’ specific delivery requirements and consistently executing your best practices in the stores.
Intermec understands your DSD operation can be even more effective by using real-time data to drive incremental sales. With Intermec’s WAN enabled mobile computers your reps have on-site access to the pricing, promotion and product availability data they need.

You can also monitor on-route performance to ensure your route staff is doing what you want, where and when you want. Using Intermec mobile computers with onboard GPS, you can verify that key activities, such as creating orders and completing surveys, are completed in the store and that all stops are actually serviced.

Reduce Costs and Automate Invoice Handling
One way to reduce costs is moving from full-page invoice printing to mobile thermal printers. According to VDC Research, thermal printer users can experience consumables savings of 40 to 50 percent over full page, two-ply media. Upgrading from consumer grade to rugged mobile computers also reduces total cost of ownership and downtime. VDC Research shows the average annual failure rate for rugged devices is 11 percent compared to 38 percent for non-rugged devices.
And using Intermec mobile computers with “smart signature” capability, your delivery drivers can capture images of store stamps and signatures on invoices as quickly and reliably as scanning a bar code. No more hunting for physical invoices to address customer disputes.

Proven, Comprehensive Solutions from Intermec
Intermec’s integrated solution components-mobile computers, printers, RFID, voice, advanced imaging and software components, together with our complete life-cycle services-delivers the widest range of solution options to address your specific needs. Intermec is unique in providing a complete outsourced life cycle services solution through its Enterprise Mobile subsidiary, with well over 200,000 devices under contract.
For consumer goods executives driven to improving their DSD operations through increased sales and margins, better in-store execution and strong consumer and retailer loyalty, Intermec’s proven workflow solutions and complete life-cycle services deliver strong ROI, low TCO and mission-critical performance improvements every day, across six continents.

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