Adopting a Technology-Enabled Transformation to Orchestrate Business Operations

As per Deloitte, the Digital Transformation initiatives in the Gulf region are contributing to massive growth in the country’s GDP. The past few years have been a massive accelerator in the push for digital transformation worldwide, and as the changes were incorporated in the overall technology forefront, enterprises are focussing on technology prowess. Technology is ruling the throne of business operations now and avant-garde solutions like Vocollect, RFID & barcode printer scanners have become the new normal. Are you wondering how to ace your tech game? Here are some technologies that can elevate your business productivity to a whole new level.

Voice Picking Warehouse devices

Businesses that want to make their warehouse functions synchronized and seamless, opt for the unique voice-picking devices. The devices like Honeywell’s VoCollect can aid the warehouse workforce to get easy voice instructions without errors and execute tasks effortlessly without delays. The voice instruction based management operations and hands-free approach lead to automated results which increases the operation efficacy by manifold.

DSD Route Accounting

The DSD route accounting or DSD (direct stores delivery) route accounting leverages the potential of mobile computing technologies for handling the delivery intricacies. By using this technology, enterprises can streamline their supply chain management cycle and ensure end-to-end information transfer, optimized delivery outcomes, and centralized accounting. Typically brands with omnichannel vendor deliveries along complex routes and multiple warehouses can use DSD to channel growth through the automated accounting process.

Route Optimization

The Middle East has several businesses that work with a mobile workforce. Whether your enterprise has a delivery system or you have to coordinate your salespeople, you can always take advantage of the Workwave technology for Route Optimization. In Field service and fleet management, this tech-powered solution can support businesses to automate their on-field tasks through a cloud-based approach.

Business Intelligence

To drive overall business intelligence organizations use tools like Qlik and Power BI. It facilitates data integration, mobile BI, embedded analytics, better scalability, and data visualization to make decision-making easier. These software processes data to makeit more understandable, and meaningful. Qlik and Power BI are the new wonders of the business reporting landscape because it can manage all data sets of a company, including human resources, logistics, financial transactions, customer relations, manufacturing process, market analysis, sales, and so on. Companies can use BI solutions to analyze and visualize operational data to drive high-quality insights.

The bottom line

Automated identification, enterprise mobility software, cloud computing, e-commerce solutions, and data tools aren’t an alternative anymore; they are a mandate for organizations that want to create value through their products or services. Mobile and cloud software can minimize the stubbornly obscure workflow issues and trigger enterprise growth through a streamlined workflow. With solutions like VoCollect, RoutePro, Workwave, Qlik and Power BI, brands are driving unparalleled growth, and you can do the same. So, where are you in your entrepreneurial blueprint?

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